use of Vision to help startup/grassroots teams define baselines for future teams

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I thought I'd elaborate on this conversation:

first props up to @gary & @jason for expressing their voice in the matter!

I have to agree, it is sometimes challenging to enlist a team in the value of Mindjet (let alone a paid subscription) if I cannot appease my visual thinkers to think action and vice versa.

The scenario I am in is about to go live with a production & while the tool is very useful for me as an organizer, the rest of the team is unable to visualize the dependencies I've created, strategic connections in list form. Because large lists are overwhelming for them, the experience of some degraded to task assignment rather than team members taking initiative because they could visualize our critical path. Sure, we could have stopped and created a map but sometimes action action action is the only way forward with an intent to regroup later (see below)

(btw @ben: I wasn't aware of a 2-way sync in the client. that said, we work completely in the cloud. the last time I've touched your downloadable client was in 2008 so in some effect, your cloud strategy was very successful :)

There is tremendous value in working in "startup" mode at the Mindjet Tasks level and *not* start with a map especially when you are working with unknown territory or taking on something the team has never done before.

post-production, I can see our team taking a good look at all the *actual* tasks that got completed and it would be wonderful to send the "task cloud" of the project to Vision for organization & optimization. in this way, the team can visualize what actually happened and talk about what worked and didn't work. Refactoring as a team & templating at the Vision level would be awesome - future teams get to start at a visual level & leverage startup/grassroots work that couldn't even see through the fog to be able to create a map that made sense!

I realize you're working very hard to integrate Cohuman into the Mindjet family. Mindjet Tasks is amazing addition and I can see we are very eager to see the connection even if some of us sound impatient (and ill speak for myself :)
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  • seeing a future & glad Tasks is here to keep us grounded :)

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