View Map and Outline View Simultaneously?

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The title says it all.  I would find it very useful to be able to view an outline view in a pane on the left or right, while viewing the map on the rest of the screen.  Is there any way to achieve this?

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Posted 5 years ago

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Currently not. I'm interested, what would be your use case for this?
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For me it's less about a standard use case per se than about how humans view and process information.  A map and an outline are two different ways to view and think about information, and being able to view both simultaneously can be the ultimate 1-2 punch, because some of us don't think exclusively one way or the other.  That's infinitely more valuable to me than having to switch back and forth between the two views, only being able to see one at a time.

As a project management firm most of our maps are ultimately going to become outlined project plans.  So as I'm building the map it's also useful to be able to see it in the outline format, and visa versa.  As I look at the two formats I might spot something in one that causes me to change something in the other, move things around etc.

I might also prefer to build something very quickly in outline view, while observing the map view.  Perhaps some people would do the opposite.

I found multiple competing products that offer it, and already purchased one of those, so other companies obviously see the value.  If Mindjet had offered it, I'd have purchased that, as otherwise it seemed the most developed.

Thanks for asking.
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I agree that this would be useful. In the meantime however there is a way of achieving a similar result using the Gantt view.

While the Gantt view suffers the same limitation as the Outline view in that there is no option to view it in a separate pane, it has one big advantage; unlike the Outline you can view the Gantt and the map at the same time in the same pane. The default position is below the map, but if you choose Show Gantt View from the drop-down menu on the Gantt button under Document Views on the View tab you can select to put the Gantt chart on any side of the map.

The Gantt view could be placed on either the left or right of the map for the purposes of this exercise but I think the right side is better. Normally neither of these options would be very useful for viewing a Gantt chart as the view provided is fairly narrow but in this case it's ideal as we're mainly interested in the table and not the chart.

Next drag the divider between the map and the Gantt views so that you can see enough of the map to be useful but at the same time you can see all the columns you want in the Gantt table. You can then resize the columns in the Gantt table to see only those you want and to ensure that enough of the task text in the first column is available for your purposes (incidentally if you have two monitors you can extend the map window across both screens and position them so that the map appears in one monitor and the Gantt chart in the other).

The result is something that looks very much like the Outline view. As you highlight a topic on the map on the map it will also be highlighted in the Gantt table (though strangely enough not the other way around). And while it isn't documented you can export the Gantt table to either Excel or a table in Word using the technique I describe here and here.

There are advantages and disadvantages of this approach relative to a "standard" Outline view. The big advantage is that unlike an Outline, task information such as start date, due date, progress etc is shown on the Gantt table. The disadvantages are that only topics which are formatted as tasks with start and due dates or the "parents" of such tasks (but only if they are set as up as task rollups) are visible in the Gantt chart, unlike the Outline view when all topics in the map hierarchy are shown and indented as appropriate (you can however add, delete or edit topics from within the Gantt view). 

You also miss out on the icon, notes etc columns shown in the Outline view, but I think for most purposes this is a relatively minor issue.

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Many thanks for the very detailed explanation Alex!
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As MindManager already has an outline view since many years now, another solution to your request would be to make a copy of your map and view both maps - the original and the copy together. One in Map view and one in outline view. As simple as that.

That can be done in One MindManager session. But you could also open it in Two.
Synchronizing the maps -if you need this- is easy using TopicTracker or Multimaps.