Waiting for MindManager 2020 to purchase

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I'm reviewing MindManager 12 for Mac.  I see that MindManager 2020 is coming out soon.  Should I wait to purchase until the new release comes out.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Ary Velstra, Expert Trainer

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Yes, but bear in mind that MM2020 is for Windows, so you should be able to run windows software on your Mac.
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MindManager 2020 is available now!
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I have some feedback about this new version of Mindmanager. I have been using MM since version 7 and I have paid the yearly upgrades ever since. As a user and customer, you always want to know what value add and new features will bring the new iteration of any software and if that compensates the price you are paying. Mindjet is my favorite visual tool however I have used other software to complement like iMindmap, Xmind, Novamind, Thebrain just to name a few. In some of those software I decided to stop paying for a new version for the lack of innovation and expensive upgrade fees.  For MM2020 my decision to go ahead for this upgrade was mainly for the Co-editing feature as it was advertised and explained in the service chat as the main feature however I soon realize after I paid the $179 upgrade that in order to use this feature you have to pay an additional $98 for a subscription an "Upgrade Protection Plan" (what does this mean?). To be honest I see the rest of the advertised features and are enhancements of what MM19 already offer. In my opinion this is my complaint: This is not clearly stated on the Mindjet webpage because you feel you get co-editing as part of the upgrade but does not clearly states this is an add-on feature that requires extra payment. If that is the case, I see little value to pay $179 for very cosmetic and light enhancement of features MM2019 already had. $98 extra payment I feel excessive and as a customer you don't understand well how that is justified. So being a customer who every year paid for this new version this time I see Mindmanager really felt short and disappoint me. $179 + $98 =$276 total payment just to get this FULL feature. Very sad to find out this seems to be the new corporate vision and how they appreciate their loyal customers. 

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Archetypal Leadership

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I couldn’t agree more! My goodness I have been purchasing this software since the early 2000s. And honestly it’s just not worth it. There has to be a better way, and the cost should justify the value and so often that is just not the case. Note to company, don’t rape the customer! You have an awesome product, but your business friendliness is well not there anymore. It’s all about making money which is fine, but you know what we should get what we pay for. Rather we should pay for what we get! It is disgusting.
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Hello Archetypal.

I do understand your frustration. I have been at MindManager for a little over a year now and I resonate with your comments. You are correct that there has not been big changes on how we bundle our offers over the years. Changing this has been a personal objective for me with exciting new capabilities and offers coming on the horizon. While I cannot get into specifics or timing, I am very enthused in the direction we are headed and hope you will be also.

Thanks for being a loyal MindManager user over the years.

Cheers... Blair
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Hi Blair,

This is great news. One of the things I think MindManager needs to address is the cost of both the program and the annual Software Assurance and Support subscription, especially outside the US. In Australia for example increasing costs and changes in the exchange rate mean that the Software Assurance subscription is now over $130 a year, which is quite a lot for sole operators, non-profits and small businesses.

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Hello emonterog

I understand your situation. We do identify that there is an extra charge for co-editing but I understand how this can be easily missed. I have asked the team to ensure it is called out in a more direct way.

As for the additional charge... there are several reasons for this. Since the co-editing feature includes the ability for non MindManager subscribers to partake, we have implemented this in the cloud. This has certain ramifications. 1) Evolutionary changes in co-editing may have requirements on the base Windows SW - possibly requiring an up-version. To ensure everything is in sync and users can easily upgrade, we require UPP as a mandatory component. 2) There are costs associated with providing this cloud capability and we need to help offset those costs by charging a nominal annual fee and 3) Since this allows non-paying users to partake, it represents a substantial savings to many registered users and organizations using the capability who would otherwise need to purchase a full version for those users. Those savings generally more than offsets the marginal annual fee.

I hope that clarifies the rationale. You do get a 30 day trial with co-editing to help decide if this functionality is right for you. Additional feedback is always welcome.

Thanks for pointing this out and thanks for being a MindManager customer.

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francky vancraeyenest

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Not agree, still too expensive for small businesses!
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Ary Velstra, Expert Trainer

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@franky van craeyenest 
I can agree with you, but it depends ofcourse on how small your business is.
And what type of work is done and what is the earning model.

If you can save an hour a day, like most of my MindManager students achieve easy, than your investment including the additional trainingfees can be justified within weeks.