What exactly are the details regarding the shift to Mindjet 11?? Very confusing.

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Will Mindjet please explain clearly what's happening with the transition to Mindjet 11? Deadlines? Feature set? Costs? Functionality? Integration? Your reseller Mindsystems is doing a FAR better job of explaining these huge and important changes, but we who have been loyal customers for years need to hear it from you. Please tell us what's up!
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Posted 8 years ago

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Agreed - all we have so far is media releases from a small number of resellers including Mindsystems but this is mainly about the subscription offer (and even on that point the situation is still confusing).

There actually is some information on the Mindjet site but for whatever reason they haven't (as of the morning of 4th Sept in Australia) made an official announcement about the new release. One of the people who posted a comment on a LinkedIn MindManager group provided the following link: http://learn.mindjet.com/news-pp-keep... (incidentally if you Google "Mindjet 11" you can find links on the Mindjet site to a number of versions of this page).

Based on this information sheet, changes to the feature set include:

Planning and Budgeting:
• Add numerical values directly into topics
• Roll-up sub-topic totals in main topics automatically
• Pre-defined templates support efficient plan analysis
• Assists with easier decision making based on cost overview

Task Management:
• Create tasks to assign and prioritise
• Export and sync tasks with SharePoint or Mindjet's social task management tool (formerly Connect Action)
• Share files in the cloud for transparent teamwork

User Interface:
• Custom ribbon for quick access to favourite tools
• Easy access to the most-used commands
• Enhanced file display and management
• Introductory video for a quick overview of Mindjet
• Improved map templates

It's a shame though that information about Mindjet 11 is being dribbled out in this way.
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Yes dropping perpetual licensing for subscription only (at a ridiculous price for home users) is a game changer. I don't think Mindjet will be the winner!
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I posted a note on Alex's thread but wanted to comment here as well. We communicated some information to our reseller partners with a public announcement planned for later this month. At that time we will be providing more details, especially about options for current customers.

Please stay tuned until then when we will provide complete information.

In the meantime please contact customer support or your Mindjet representative for more info. They are your best resource for specific questions.
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Parker, I've responded to your post on my original thread. I note your suggestion that you will provide "complete information" with the official launch, but I assume that the information already provided on your website re Mindjet 11 features is correct.

In that regard I've noticed that Mindjet 11 is offering syncing with SharePoint and Connect (whatever it's going to be called). I trust that two-way syncing with Outlook is to be retained and that Outlook users are not going to have a repeat of the problems we had when MM9.0 first came out.
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I'm confused about the new licencing terms. As not being a corporate user, I feel Mindjet wants to get rid of home users? Could Mindjet provide a non corporate version, e.g. version light, for home users?
On the other hand, the crippled sync with other platforms I use, Android and Ipad, has forced me to start using basic mindmapping, without bells and whistles.
Maybe it's time to go KISS again, and save all the time lost in formatting task details.
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I am sorry we have not explained things well, you might want to listen to two new webinars we are putting on this week and next. They are:

"What's New in Mindjet for Windows" - http://learn.mindjet.com/dailydemos In this 30 minute webinar I go through the new features in Mindjet 11 for Windows.


"Mindjet Product Overview" - http://learn.mindjet.com/ProductOverv... And in this 30 minute webinar I go through our new "Mindjet" product offering.

Both webinars have a Q&A session at the end, so if I don't answer your questions, you can ask me directly at the end of the demo section.

I hope you are able to join !

Kelly Miller
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Kelly - On the Daily Demos page the On Demand video for MindManager links to MindManager 2012 webinar
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I'm still smarting from having paid for an upgrade from version 9 only to find it wasn't any different - I didn't find any changes to the features I use at least, so for me that was a waste of money. So I won't be falling for the pre-order again unless they provide clear information telling me what has changed and those changes are actually to features I use (e.g. core mapping).

None of the things that niggle me were changed, a key one being the ability to set the size of the topics, even though this seems to be possible in the options you can set its size or shape it merely re-sizes. For me it would be nice to have more options on the shapes of the topics, since I often want to use the shape and colour to indicate something about the content. Legends would therefore be nice, although I have used floating topics to do this. Simple settings tab for default font andd colour etc would be nice - I can't figure this out. Ability to set colour pallets too would be good (corporate colour scheme).
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Christopher, seems to me you need a training or coachingsession with one of the Mindjet partners. The things you describe are possible in MindManager. You can customize your maps with style- and other templates and mapparts.
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You are correct, we will update the link to the on-demand webinar to the new video (rather than the MM 2012 video) later this week.


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