Will this EVER be fixed?

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As a many-year user of your products who has faithfully and unquestionably paid every time you update your software (even at times when there has been little to justify the expensive upgrades) I am at a decision point.

I need to know if of Mindjet has abandoned users like me ... and whether I need to look elsewhere for productivity software.

Two main cases in point:

1.) Not long ago, I was deciding whether to switch from PC to Mac. One of my biggest deciding factors was the compatibility and feature set of MindManager/Mindjet on the Mac platform -- since I use your software for several hours every day. At the time, your website had a feature comparison chart that showed nearly identical features between the two versions -- so I made the leap to Mac. Only after I bought a new computer and obtained your Mac software did I discover that it was an anemic, buggy version missing nearly ALL the functionality I was used to on the PC.

Thinking that perhaps I had downloaded the wrong version, I posted a question in your support forum about it (feel free to check your records). The official response simply said that the chart was wrong, and the previous comparison table on your site was quickly replaced with a new one showing the Mac software having very few of the features of the PC version.

Even though misinformation on your website led to me make an expensive decision to switch computing platforms, I kept hoping that you were truly committed to the Mac platform -- and that eventually you would work toward feature parity. I adapted backwards and pressed on, adjusting my work patterns.

2.) One way I tried to adjust -- while waiting for a dramatically improved Mac version (that has still not come in the year since I switched) -- was by increasing my use of your iOS Mindjet app, which, though lean on features, was fast, simple, and with me anywhere I took my iPhone and iPad.

Then I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5s and an iPad Mini with Retina Display and found a completely dead, unusable app experience -- which you have acknowledged as a known issue on your support forums. I've been waiting for a fix ... and WAITING.

Guys, the iPhone 5s with the A7 processor has now been on the market for more than 2 months ... and since September, you haven't provided an updated version of the app -- to fix this KNOWN issue??

Here's my question: as Mindjet is busy gobbling up companies and productivity tools and constantly rearranging its subscription pricing and web functionality -- have you abandoned your core product and customers: those who want to use mind maps to be more productive?

We need to know immediately whether you will fix the iOS app in very short order, and whether you are truly committed to the Mac platform?

If the answer is no to either of these questions, I know that I've reached the end of the road, and will cease using Mindjet products ... and will stop recommending them to the dozens of others who have purchased your software based on my advice.

Please respond as soon as possible.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I am the Product Manager for the Mobile app, and I can tell you that we think we have a fix for the iPhone 5S issue.  We are in the process of getting it tested now.
I am truly sorry that it has taken this long.
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Do you also have a fix for Ipad Mini Retina ?
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Any change in the last 2 months? I need this for my iPhone.
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That would be wonderful Alex. However you don't address DavidB's more important question regarding the underlying lack of functionality on the Mac compared to the PC!
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I am a new user of the product (just few days) / Mac version. I am really concerned with DavidB comments about the Mac version. Will this mean: I am missing lots of functionality compared to the PC version, what functionality is missing? when will it be retrofitted into the Mac version? Thanks DavidB for your comments. I'd like to see an answer from support as well.
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This may be what you are looking for


The Mac version is limited for many reasons.
One of it is, that the Mac has many features built-in that need to be in the Windows version of MindManager.
Also integration with MS Office etc, could be of less interest to MAC users. 
Another reason is probably market size.

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I just received the following email from Mindjet:
Dear David,

In reference to your case 00307619 we are sending you an updated message from Mindjet’s Product Management Team regarding the status of Mindjet Maps for iPad and Mindjet Maps for iPhone.

Today, February 5, 2014, Mindjet is temporarily removing our apps (Mindjet Maps for iPhone and Mindjet Maps for iPad) from the iTunes App Store.  

As of February 1, Apple is requiring all apps to migrate to the iOS 7 Software Development Kit (SDK).  This SDK does not support our styles and color schemes from iOS 6 (and before), so our app needs to be re-styled from the ground up.  Given this major change in code, we have determined it is not acceptable to leave the app on the market until we can provide support for all users on all current devices.

We truly apologize for this situation.  We know you are all wondering when it will be fixed, but there is no way to know until much later in the engineering process.   Rest assured we are making every effort to get a working version back on the iTunes App Store as quickly as we can.  

In the meantime, your patience and understanding are highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Terry Dalton on behalf of the Mindjet Product Management Team

Guys, iOS 7 launched five months ago -- on September 18 -- and I am not aware of any serious software company that hasn't been able to update their apps to the latest standards in that period of time. And that doesn't even count the advance developer time you were given prior to the launch of iOS 7. 

This lack of attention to your product is tremendously disappointing and seems to be a complete abandonment of your core customers ... those of us who simply want to use mind maps for personal productivity. 

Was the post above from Alex Martelli, Product Manager for the Mobile App, about testing a fix for the app even accurate? 

I depend on mind maps every day in my work, and have spent thousands of dollars with Mindjet over the years. I have never been this frustrated with a software developer, and have ZERO confidence in your company and its products moving forward. Please prove me wrong. And if you can't, cancel my $360 annual Mind Manager subscription.
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Further to this those using Project Director cannot access their 'cloud' maps (or files) in their projects AT ALL from their Mac Mindjet. I cannot fathom how there there is seemingly no coordination between the develop teams that this, along with the missing feature set on OSX, is the reality of Mindjet on Mac today...

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