Word export / import not adequate to business needs

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The word export/import interface in my view has huge potential for improvement.

Let me summarize my problems with the current functionality:

a) Word export:

- The template organization is very difficult and clumsy to handle. Mindjet creates MM styles within Word and does not simply use the available styles. Customization of the template proves to be very complicated and user-unfriendly - at least for me.

- There should be the option to export notes as separate documents with links in the word document pointing to them. Otherwise the exported document quickly gets very large and inefficient to read. The creation of a map simply follows a different logic than the creation of a word doc. => the same should be possible for tables and spreadsheets.

- Word4Maps documents should be exported as well as attached docs with the link in the exported word file pointing to them

- You should have the option to export a Title page, a TOC and an image of the map

- You should be able to manually exclude certain topics from the export although they are part of the visible map (without having to move them outside of the exported area)

- You should offer some typical word export templates that satisfy basic business needs ( I cannot imagine that at Mindjet a senior executive would be satisfied to get a raw word export from a Mindjet mindmap without major customization effort), especially considering the difficult template customization process in place.

b) Word import:

It is currently not possible to import Word documents that were previously exported from Mindjet and have Mindjet update the changes performed within the Word document.

This 2-way sync in my view would be a very important step towards professional collaboration with people who do not want to learn using Mindjet. Right now, I often resist from using Mindjet because I work with people who are used to working only with Office. And I could imagine I am not the only one.

Your competitor Matchware (Mindview 4/5) offers this functionality.

Thanks for your feedback and the consideration of my issues.

Best regards
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Posted 8 years ago

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I have made this an idea so that our product team can evaluate it for future releases. Thank you!
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Thanks for your reply! Have a nice weekend.
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Have a look at the OPTi-Word (http://www.olympic-limited.co.uk/opti...) and Word4Maps add-ins (http://www.word4maps.modi4maps.com/).

The former gives you more selective control over the Word export process, using your own styles and templates. It also allows for items to be included or excluded on a topic-by-topic basis and for styles to be assigned irrespective of level.

Word4Maps provides a facility for individual Word documents to be incorporated into topics, effectively providing a Word-based alternative to topic notes. These can then be incorporated into a single document when the map is exported to Word.