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Photo of Andrey Kazak
Adding a spelling dictionary
Greetings!   Recently I noticed that if a spelling dictionary is not available for the selected document language, then spelling check a...
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Photo of Johnny Meine
Horizontal scrolling
Hello, when I'm navigating through a larger Map in MindManager 19, I like to use the 2-finger gesture with the touchpad of my notebook f...
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Photo of Hitsch
disable calculations
HelloThat Mindmanger can count is very cool, a great opportunity! But nöch would be nice if you could hide the properties synonymous. The...
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Photo of w8rn8r
MindJet Connect
A few days ago, I switched to a new phone, from Android 5 to 8. On the old phone, I can login to MindJet Connect and also use Dropbox. On...
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