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Photo of David Walsh
Announcing MindManager 11 for Mac
Hello, all. As you have likely already discovered here in this forum, the all-new MindManager 11 for Mac launched today and is now availa...
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Photo of Sia Banihashemi
Have you tried the new HTML5 export?
The new HTML5 export feature in MindManager 2017 is available now. If you are experiencing issues exporting your maps please describe you...
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  • 26 replies
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Photo of David Walsh
Introducing MindManager 2018 for Windows!
MindManager 2018 for Windows has just been released, and has been called "a tantalizing leap forward into the future of visual thinking" ...
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Photo of David Walsh
MindManager 10 for Mac new update available.
All, A new update for MindManager 10 for Mac, version 10.6.112, has been released  and is available now.  Best Regards David  Mindjet S...
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Photo of Michael Angerer
Checkbox in Notes
Hi guys, I'm rather new to mindmanager, so maybe I just haven't found the correct way to do this... But I am desperately missing a check...
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